What Is a Wireframe and Why You Need One?

What Is a Wireframe?
Wireframing is the conceptualization of a website or software at the structure level. A wireframe maps out the functionality and content that will appear on your website. Web developers work with the client to create a website wireframe in the early stage of web design to lay down the structure of a page before content, and visual design is incorporated.

Why Should You Build a Wireframe?
A wireframe offers the following benefits:

Creates Hierarchy Making a website is easy. But, creating a high-quality website that converts is difficult. In the beginning, you have an idea of several features and content that will be added to your website, but lack of planning can result in a mess, a damaging user experience. Wireframe constructs a visual hierarchy where users arrange these elements in terms of order and priority.

Defines Features and Functionality Wireframe enables you to include features and functionalities in the right web pages. For instance, it can help you add a subscription button on a landing page to build your mailing list or integrate Google Maps to show your company’s location.

Improves User Experience Often, people focus too much on their website’s aesthetic style. This makes them overlook the usability of the website .i.e. how is their target audience going to read information, click a page for a product/service, or scroll up/down? By taking out color and imagery, the wireframe compels you to focus more on user experience.

Saves Time Updating a website takes time because web development is complex. A typical website is made of front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JavaScript frameworks), back-end, and a database. A seemingly-small change from the client can involve changing a lot of code in these components.

Making a change to the wireframe is easier, saving you from making extensive changes in your web development process.

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