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Ohr Somayach - An Educational Institution for Young Jewish English-Speaking Men

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Project Manager

Rachel Sagiv

UX Design

Yosef Brown

Web Developer



Founded in 1970, Ohr Somayach is a university located in Jerusalem, Israel. Primarily catering to young Jewish men, typically college-aged, who possess an interest in studying Judaism.


During the 1990s, Ohr Somayach achieved a significant milestone as one of the pioneering Jewish institutions to establish an online presence. The organization developed an impressive system that encompassed a consumer-facing website, a comprehensive application system, and a library of audio, video, and text-based courses.

Over time, the website's technology and design became outdated, necessitating excessive maintenance and updates.


In collaboration with Ohr Somayach, our team embarked on a comprehensive revamp of the website, preserving its valuable content while imbuing it with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. Leveraging modern web technologies, we enhanced the user experience by introducing interactive elements, improving navigation for seamless information retrieval, and implementing a responsive design to ensure optimal display across all devices. Moreover, we enriched the website with additional captivating content, including videos and images, to create a more engaging browsing experience.

AK Launch diligently maintains the system to this day, regularly updating and refining its components to ensure it remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

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